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About Us

Metropolitan Community Services is a 501(c)(3) Minnesota non-profit corporation. It is a culturally sensitive, community responsive provider of health and social services. Our primary activities consist of providing services, education and resources with an emphasis on honoring the dignity and value of each individual who lives in the continuum of long-term care.  Our services are available to men and women regardless of income, race, religion, age or marital status. A Minnesota nonprofit corporation, Metropolitan Community Services is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, representing the communities it serves.

Essential Community Provider 

Metropolitan Community Services was established in 2013. In March 2014, Metropolitan Community Services was certified as an Essential Community Provider by the Minnesota Department of Health. As an essential community provider, Metropolitan Community Services provides reduced or no-fee services, based on its sliding fee scale. We serve high-risk, special needs, and underserved individuals.  We provide or coordinate supportive and stabilizing services, such as transportation, child care, linguistic services, and culturally sensitive and competent services to all clients regardless of their financial limitations.


Our mission is to provide services, education and resources to elderly and disabled individuals with an emphasis on honoring the value and dignity of each individual who lives in the continuum of long-term care. 

Our philosophy of Care 

  • We believe that quality health care and support services should always be delivered with respect, in an effective, equitable and understandable manner.

  • We believe that these services should be delivered in a way that responds to diverse cultural health beliefs and practices and preferred languages.

  • We believe that the health professional should communicate in a way that meets the health literacy level and communication needs of the client.


This is our Philosophy of Care and our Reason for Being.

our core beliefs

  • Respect for the dignity of each individual is essential in order to gain true understanding of their needs and deliver care and support in a truly meaningful way.

  • Individual consultation is a priority and the only way in which each person’s unique needs can be understood and effectively accommodated.

  • The full inclusion and integration of clients into a system of home healthcare and support depends upon the removal of all barriers to full access.

  • We believe that services must be provided within a structure that allows for maximum quality assurance and cost control.



  • Diversity 

  • Inclusion 

  • Individualization 

  • Cultural Sensitivity 

  • Respect 

  • Affordability 

  • Professionalism 

  • Community 

  • Integrity 

  • Transparency 

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